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May 10, 2013 (Dalton) - Floyd Earnest Youngblood, 46, of 1570 Mount Vernon Road in Rocky Face was found guilty today of rape, aggravated sodomy and making false statements to the Dalton Police Department. The jury of 7 women and 5 men spent over two hours deliberating on the evidence which took three days to present.

Youngblood was arrested by the Dalton Police Department for the crimes which occurred on December 16, 2011. Detective Ricky Long was the primary investigator in the case but was assisted by Detectives Matthew Locke and Greg Bates during the course of the investigation. Assistant District Attorneys Ben Kenemer and Keely Norman presented the case to the jury and the trial was presided over by Superior Court Judge Cindy Morris.

The evidence presented against Youngblood included the testimony of the victim and other corroborating witnesses, DNA evidence, and a failed polygraph test. Youngblood initially denied even being present at the scene but ultimately confessed during a videotaped interview after being advised of the evidence against him. Youngblood faces a minimum sentence of 25 years without the possibility of parole and could be sentenced to life without parole when Judge Morris reconvenes court for a sentencing hearing next Tuesday, May 14th. Youngblood had previously been convicted in three other felony cases, two burglaries here in Whitfield County in 1989 and theft of a motor vehicle plus escape in Union County in 1991, evidence of which will be presented to the Court at sentencing. Youngblood had also previously been accused of rape in 1992 but was acquitted at trial of that offense by a Whitfield County jury in 1993.

The Dalton Police Department should be commended for its outstanding work during this investigation and in preparation for trial. Floyd Youngblood is a sexual predator who has now been brought to justice through the diligence of Detective Long and his fellow officers.

Bert Poston
District Attorney
Conasauga Judicial Circuit

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Bert Poston,
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