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The GreenHouse
A Child Advocacy and Sexual Assault Center

The GreenHouse, a child advocacy and sexual assault center, was established in 1994 as an extension of the District Attorney's Victim/Witness Assistance Program in recognition of the unique needs of child victims of physical and sexual abuse. The GreenHouse provides a child-friendly and homelike environment where children and their families can meet with investigators, a therapist, and where they can receive and find out about other services available to them through the District Attorney�s Office and other agencies.

Why do we need a Children�s Advocacy Center?

When a child is sexually molested or physically abused, he or she is thrust involuntarily into a system that is boggling to adults, and terrifying to kids. Child victims and their families become involved with multiple professionals including representatives from the Department of Family and Children Services (DFCS), law enforcement agencies, the District Attorney�s Office, and others. No single agency, individual or discipline has all the knowledge, skills, or resources to provide all of the assistance need for abused children and their families. The GreenHouse serves as a focal point for these various agencies to meet the needs of the child victim and to prepare for criminal prosecution where appropriate, all the while minimizing unnecessary trauma to the child which can result from contact with the criminal justice system.

What does the Green House do?

The GreenHouse is available to child victims and their siblings for support, information, and therapy. The GreenHouse provides a safe, non-threatening and child-friendly atmosphere for the videotaped interviewing of children who have been sexually or physically abused. Therapy is provided on-site to help the child victims begin the healing process. Referrals for certain services are provided, and The GreenHouse facilitates interdisciplinary �Team Review� meetings, bringing together the different agencies involved in the investigation and prosecution of child abuse cases.

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Contact Information
Isabel Pimentel, Coordinator

The GreenHouse
A Child Advocacy and Sexual Assault Center
P.O. Box 983
Dalton, Georgia 30722

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